Time Travel Movie and TV Collection

Time Travel and Time Machines

Time Travel Movie and TV Collection
  • This is not the fanciest site you will find, but it is probably the most complete list of Time Travel related shows you will find anywhere.
  • I allow a lot of leeway in what I include as Time Travel.   Along with the tradition Time Machines/Portals/Alternate Dimensions/Universes, themes about Personal Alternate History (like Sliding Doors or Mr. Destiny) are also included. However, in general, if a person can just see the future or past, I do not include those unless there is enough interaction with the Past/Present/Future that the story could just has easily been written that way. The "Dead Zone" episode "Deja Voodoo" is an example of one of those.
  • In general I do not collect animated shows, but a few of the better ones are being included.  To me, an animated Time Travel program is about as interesting as watching an animated magic show would be.
  • Nothing here is for Sale so please do not ask. 
  • If you know of a title that is not on my list, let me know and I will add it. 
  • I can be contacted at [email protected]  Be sure and reference Time Travel or Time Machine in the subject.
  • The collection is divided into 5 main groups:
  •    Movies - Includes Theatrical Release (Features Films) and Made for TV or Direct to Video.
  •    Series  - Complete (or Mostly Complete) TV series.
  •    Episodes - Individual Shows like TheTwilight Zone, The Outer Limits & Star Trek along with Short Films, TV Commercials and Misc programming.
  •    Documentaries - Programs that discuss Time Travel, but are not an actual Time Travel story. 
  •    Wish List - Programs I have identified but are not in my collection.
  •       Complete List (A-Z) - Combines all the above into one list and include more information, including the synopsis for each show.